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Disaster & Recovery

Today’s high competition conditions, any failure in the computer systems may cause very important problems. An efficient Disaster & Recovery policy protects firms from direct or indirect loses which are originated by any of the long term system failures.
Disaster & Recovery provides uninterrupted operations on firms’ critical processes without depending on the cause and type of the problem. Keeping Disaster & Recovery plans ready provides survival and uninterrupted service applications. These firms are documented and guaranteed that they are able to continuo their services under any condition.
Disaster & Recovery covers; preparing customers to disaster conditions, protecting their most important element; knowledge, which is vital for continuing services and storing the knowledge.

Goals of such type planning are;

Providing control, Trustable work processes
Preventing data loss, Services that reduces risk with the most appropriate costs,
Focusing the main jobs, Customer satisfaction and competitiveness advantage with uninterrupted jobs,
Uninterrupted work processes, Organizational survival and protecting workers,
Minimizing financial loss, Work losses because of unsatisfied customers,
Preventing revenue and profit, Costs of reconstructing the system and data
Keeping market share,  

Some of the services that given by EreNet;

• Providing the minimum loss in a disaster situation and continuing the critical units after a disaster. Preparing plans,
• Keeping necessary tools and equipments in any of the Disaster & Recovery centers to keep your firm operatable,
• Taking precautions to prevent interruptions and their applications,
• Identifying reconstructive processes for damaged units and their applications,
• Determining expected losses in a disaster case,
• Determining strategies and plans to avoid disasters,
• Reconstructing in firm structures in the way of the disaster strategies,
• Testing established systems in certain periods.

Disaster & Recovery services are mainly involves three major parts. First of all is; work planning. Second one is protecting services. And the last one is; recovery service that determines what is required.

1. Scope & Aim & Resource Planning
2. Hardware & Software configuration management
1. Backup
General Backup Identifications
Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backup identifications
2. Developing scenarios and identifying disaster recovery applications
3. Tasks and responsibilities
4. Informing the staff
Emergency Rescue
1. Determining the extra ordinary situation and decision structure &alarm procedure
2. Time plan for rescuing
3. Determining damage & help desk
4. Plan management tests and trainings
5. Applying business uninterrupted work plan
6. Applicable methods
7. reaching the latest backup data
8. Return back plans

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