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SafeBoot 4   www.controlbreak.com

Protecting sensitive data ranks as one of the primary issues facing today’s organizations. Critical data travels freely within today’s business environment, over the Internet, onto CD’s, and carried in PDA’s, and laptops.

Laptop and PDA security
SafeBoot is an enterprise wide security suite that prevents data stored on a PC’s hard disk or on a PDA from being accessed or read by an unauthorized person. This is accomplished by using strong access control and powerful encryption.

Strong access control
With SafeBoot Enterprise, user and machine authentication occurs prior to the system ever booting.

Powerful Encryption
For all supported devices, SafeBoot encrypts the data with very strong and proven algorithms like RC5-1024 and AES-256. Encryption and decryption is done on the fly with virtually no performance loss.

Centrally Managed thus low TCO
SafeBoot Enterprise offers unique powerful central management technologies such as central deployment, policy management, hot revocation, audit facilities, and safe central recovery. Active Directory/Novell/PKI synchronization are available in the Enterprise Edition.

Mandatory security
This Central Management system provides an administrator with the tools to easily set and enforce extensive mandatory security policies. Users have no control over the SafeBoot security policies as these are transparantly enforced upon them. Laying down a mandatory policy upon your users has never been easier.

Secure recovery
Whether the user has forgotten his password or lost his token, or has left the organization, SafeBoot’s tools safely recover the protected systems, without using an unsafe master password as a “backdoor”. Should a user forget a password, lose a token, recovery is only a phone call away. The recovery tools permits the Helpdesk to reset user passwords remotely after the user successfully passes a verbal challenge-response verification and authentication with the administrator helpdesk via telephone.

Award winning and proven technology
SafeBoot is FIPS certified. This certification assures you that SafeBoot employs true strong encryption and secure key management. The product is widely used within many organizations including banks, insurance companies, consultancy firms, governmental bodies and health care related organizations and has received multiple industry accolades.

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