Pfizer Help Desk Department is Under Control by ERENET

Pfizer Help Desk Staff is formed by 6 EreNet personnel who are 1 Supervisor, 1 Call Center personnel and 4 Analysts . In Pfizer Information Systems, MS Windows English Platform is used for clients and mostly Windows 2000 Professional is preffered. Help Desk Department supports problems, which users are faced in the programmes have installed 350 users' computers.


SafeBoot, which employs true strong encryption and secure key management, is widely used within many organizations including banks, insurance companies, consultancy firms, governmental bodies and health care related organizations. SAFEBOOT' s new Sales and Solution Partner is ERENET.

System Development of Algida's 70 Distributor is Completed

Procedures are prepared about establishment of the servers into the distributors and about system applications. Procedures are applied which were prepared for the distributors with the establishment of Windows 2000, Oracle, SQL and LOGO programs on the servers. Prepared servers have sent to the distributors. Then, 4 teams have formed to transfer data to the distributors in their current locations in whole Turkey. Network infrastructures of the distributors are totally renewed or modified. Users are educated after the installation.

Outsourcing Agreement Has Signed between Borçelik

Three of EreNet's specialist is going to serve for Borçelik in firm's location about AS/400, Windows 2000, Exchange, SQL, CRM, Firewall systems in 7/24-time period. In addition, they will provide support for network infrastructure and PC problems.