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Touch Project

Touch ProjesiTouch project is constituted by three universities from Turkey and one university from England and Poland, two firms from Greece and EreNet from Turkey. Project is formed under TechnoTower consortium and presented to EU FP6 program. Project's main goal is developing 3D reconstruction and visualization tools to improve European cultural heritage accessibility for both scientists and tourist, and preventing cultural heritage from disappearing and transferring cultural heritage into next generations. By combining advanced technologies with cultural/historical information from the Anatolian region of Turkey, the project shall deliver an invaluable resource to enhance the learning experience of the user and collected data will be kept in digital format. Project is mainly established on 3D reconstruction and its state of art. » » »

What is European Mobile Platform ?

European Mobile Platform is an international project and formed by two Turkish firms and a Czech Republic firm. When the project (abbreviated as EuroMoPlat) is completed, it will be serviceable for mainly Turkey and EU countries. In addition, it will be serviceable for 33 countries that are called as EUREKA countries (www.eureka.be). After completion of the project, the system will allow two-sided data communication with a device , which can be fixed at a place or in a moving environment such as cars, humans etc. Additionally, users will be able to get text base or visual signs and/or reactions from the device with respect to device's operating styles. » » »

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