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Professional Services

Professional services department has established in EreNet Computer AS and formed by technical staff. This department's establishment aim was; establishing high knowledge required systems, solving problems and achieving project-based studies. Professional Services Department is mainly coordinating with Sales Department in projects and department is continuing these collaboration at project development phases which is starting from customer visiting phase to data collection and choosing appropriate products phases. Operating areas and supported products are as follows;


Our COMPAQ ASE certificated specialists can establish or configure any kind of Compaq Server Families' products. If there is a hardware problem, specialists determine the problematic area as quick as possible and solve the problem in cooperation with the Compaq Authorized Service Center.

Our firm's Professional Services Department provides service support (especially to servers) to the HP and IBM products, which we have already authorized dealer of these trademarks. Our firm is especially focusing on CISCO, 3COM and HUAWEI wide area network products in the meaning of the establishment, configuration and dealing of these trademarks' products. Besides, specialists can establish or configure PC servers and network applications without any trademark restriction.

Operating Systems


Our department is supporting whole BackOffice products. Especially, our specialists developed some projects that cover Windows NT, Windows 2000, Exchange Server, Internet Information, Proxy Server and SQL Server applications. Additionally, we are supporting desktop operating system products such as Windows95/98…


Several project have done by CITRIX firm's Winframe and Metaframe products as remote access solutions.

Additionally, our department provides Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Mainframe connections, Internet/VPN and Remote Access solutions for all scale firms.

Professional services department's mission is providing best solutions to the customers and solving serious problems with team behavior understanding in ERE companies group.


Establishing local networks, modifying local networks with respect to existing and future expectations, integrating national and international local networks with Frame Relay, ISDN, wireless communication or satellite solutions. Accessing national and international ISP with custom speed. Determining project equipment and finalizing procedures with Turkish Telecom, assembling, training, consultancy, technical support and maintaining about web design, hosting, E-business issues.


EreNet professional services department achieved following projects successfully.

OYPA24 sections wide area network
Essilor Optik WAN, Citrix Metaframe application
Doluca Şarapçılık Win200 LAN with 60 users / Sound-data integration
Fatoğlu Besin San. Internet safety application
Samet Kalıp WAN and LAN with 90 users / Internet security application
Dunkin Donut's WAN, terminal server application
SAP Turkey LAN solution with Cisco
UND LAN, Internet ecurity application
Wyeth Medicines Netware network
PWCoopers Backup solutions

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