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European Mobile Platform (EuroMoPlat)

European Mobile Platform is an international project and formed by two Turkish firms and a Czech Republic firm. When the project (abbreviated as EuroMoPlat) is completed, it will be serviceable for mainly Turkey and EU countries. In addition, it will be serviceable for 33 countries that are called as EUREKA countries (www.eureka.be). After completion of the project, the system will allow two-sided data communication with a device, which can be fixed at a place or in a moving environment such as cars, humans etc. Additionally, users will be able to get text base or visual signs and/or reactions from the device with respect to device's operating styles. Device carriers' location, speed and directions can be determined via Internet and if the limits are exceeding, system alerts the users automatically.

Although EuroMoPlat seems just like another vehicle tracking systems, it differs with its R&D applications. As an example, devices will be able to two-sided data communication with transferring all numerical data transactions. Devices will be able to communicate with mobile computers (pocket PC) and other spare parts (censors etc.) by using wires or wirelessly (bluetooth). It can transmit gathered data to centers via various ways such as SMS, GPRS, Satellite, Radio etc. Required outputs (alerting by sending massages, situation visualization, reporting etc.) will be easily se by using Internet and desktop applications.

Software applications in project are developing by the newest software-developing tool of Microsoft, which is Visual studio .NET. CMM Level2 international standardizations are applying in all processes of the project. Additionally, project is supporting from EUREKA and TÜBİTAK because of its R&D applications.

The device is designed to support multi sim cards to decrease roaming costs. When the vehicle goes to another country sim cards switches.

Tourism and Cultural Heritage Project (TOUCH)

Touch is coordinating by Dr. Bahadır BAHADIROĞLU and participators are: three universities from Turkey, Touch Projesi one university from England and one university from Poland. In addition to university participators, two firms from Greece and EreNet is participating the project. Touch project has formed under TechnoTower consortium and submitted to FP6 program under IST (information society technologies) thematic area. Project is still waiting for approval from EC.

Project's main goal is: providing investigating opportunities for scientists and students about European cultural heritage, additionally, developing a visualization system to transfer disappearing heritages to the next generations. By combining advanced technologies with cultural/historical information from the Anatolian region of Turkey, the project shall deliver an invaluable resource to enhance the learning experience of the user. Project is mainly depending on 3D reconstruction. Artifacts and architectures will be reconstructed in chosen 3 Anatolian regions. In addition, required photos, maps and text base explanations will publish on web site via Internet. To develop visualization system, not only existing tools will be used and also new researches will be done. Turkey's universities will provide project infrastructure and England and Poland universities will reconstruct architectures and artifacts. In addition to these task allocations, Greek firms' will construct multimedia applications and EreNet will be responsible for management and logistic applications.

Project's another goal is, helping disable people with haptic rendering visualization system. Haptic rendering involves physical touch feel with its special tools such as a pencil. Therefore, disable people especially blind people may feel the artifacts specifications.

Mobile Tracking System

Mobil Tracking Systems (MTS) targets to gather the position information of all kind of moving or static objects by using a receiver-sender device. With an Internet based software system, MTS makes tracking of the followed objects possible by collecting these information in a database system at a control center by the owner follower of the tracked objects. The devices used in the system are containing GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers for position check, GSM Modem for wireless communication and a control circuit combining with software for control and coordination. These devices, periodically, send data that gathered from GPS satellites via GSM modem and data line of GSM Network by converting the signal to digital format to a control center. Control center records the data that collected from devices by classifying them based on geographical information. Geographical information either could be street, avenue, district, town and city or could be based on km identifier of national roads.

Owners of tracked objects may reach the information about their objects such as position, velocity, km i.e. by using a software at MTS 's WEB site. Owners use their user ID and password for logging on MTS web Site. MTS recognize the user and prepare the common information about the objects of the user. User may select any specified object and reach its data in a time period or at any moment. Position information is being displayed on digital maps. For the time being, the companies working in this area in Turkey are using SMS option of the GSM operators. Different than these, MTS will be affected by using the data line of GSM networks.

İzlenen objenin ilgilileri, obje hakkındaki bilgilere (konum, hız, km vb.) Mobil İzleme WEB sitesinde bulunan yazılım ile ulaşabilirler. İlgililer kendilerine ait kullanıcı adı ve parololar ile Mobil İzleme Sitesine girerler. Mobil İzleme Sitesi, kullanıcıları tanımlayarak kendilerine ait olan objelere ait genel bilgileri kullanıcının hizmetine sunar. Kullanıcı ilgilendiği objenin diğer bilgilerini yada belirli zaman aralığında geçirdiği evreleri dilerse raporlayabilir. Konum bilgileri sayısal haritalar üzerinden gösterilmektedirler. Türkiyede şu anda, bu alanda faaliyet gösteren kurumlar GSM şebekelerinin SMS fonksiyonunu kullanarak hizmet vermektedirler. Mobil İzleme Sistemleri, Data hattı üzerinden iletişim kurmaktadır

Sistemde kullanılan cihazlar, konum tesbiti için GPS (Global Konumlama Sistemi) alıcısı, kablosuz veri iletişimi için GSM Modem ve kontrol ve koordinasyon için üzerinde yazılım ve diğer devre elemanları bulunan bir kontrol devresinden oluşmaktadır. Bu cihazlar belirli zaman aralıklarında GPS Uydularından edindikleri konum bilgilerini sayısal formata dönüştürerek, GSM Modemi üzerinden GSM hatlarının data transferi özelliği ile belirli bir merkeze gönderirler. Kontrol Merkezi, cihazlardan gelen bilgileri ilgili araç tanımı bazında sınıflandırarak ve coğrafi bilgiler ile eşleştirerek bir veritababına kaydeder. Coğrafi bilgiler, sokak, cadde, mahalle, mevkii, ilçe, il vb. bazında olabileceği gibi karayolları km belirticisi de kullanılabilir.

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