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Microsoft is presenting you 3 versions to cover your working needs in office or home with Windows XP.

Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Home Edition provides unexpected freedom to users via their home PCs and Internet. Windows XP Home Edition is the best choice with its best digital platform for in home users and game addictives.

  • New visual design provides affective usage of general tasks.
  • Digital photograph features provide to get photos, arrange photos and share photos.
  • Includes music tools to find best quality digital music, load and save music and play them from records.
  • Includes everything to create, share and use videos at your PC.
  • Easy computer sharing and home networking.
  • Latest communication device with its speedy sound and video chat features.
  • Includes tools to get help from experts for solving problems.
  • The most safe and reliable operating system to keep your system well and in good working order.
Windows XP Professional

Windows XP provides digital working freedom to user. Windows XP is the latest standard at safety and reliability. It is designed for all scale entities to get more from their computer experiences. Windows XP Professional provides the most efficient tools, which are origining from the high-developed digital era, to its users. Windows XP Professional is designed for work users and provides expanding features and safety for users.

In addition to windows XP Home Edition Features;

  • Better security to protect your work files with encrypting features.
  • First class mobile support to run off line or to reach your computer.
  • Support for high performance multi processor systems.
  • Cooperative design with Microsoft windows Servers and management solutions.
  • Multi languages communication features with any one from all over the world.

Windows XP 64-Byte edition

Windows XP 64-Byte Edition is covering the needs of specialist technique workstations users.

Addition to Windows XP Basic Features;

  • High performance and measurability at complex technical calculations.
  • The best platform to develop digital content.
  • The best platform for computer aided mechanical designing and solutions.
  • The best platform for financial analysis and data analysis.
Windows XP Tablet PC

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is mainly depending on Windows XP Professional. It helps to cerate, save and publish hand writing notes and audio records. It presents new and developed hand writing and audio recognition tools.

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 is aiming to provide seamless data processing structure for all scale enterprises.

Windows Server Family Involves Four Products;

New member Windows Server 2003 Web Edition is servicing as both web server and house owner with best performance results.

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition

  • Easy dispersing and management structure.
  • Provides platforms for high developed and dispersed web services and applications by using Microsoft ASP .NET technology which is the major part of the .NET Framework applications.
  • It can manage by far workstation with scanner base interface.
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Standard server is a safe network software system which provides fast and easy work solutions. This flexible server is an ideal solution to satisfy daily requirements of all scale enterprises.

  • Supports folder and writer shares.
  • Provides secure Internet connection.
  • Allows central desktop applications.
  • Provides comprehensive cooperation between workers, partners and customers.
  • Supports two way symmetric multi processing and at most 4-gigabyte memory.
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 20003 Enterprise Edition is designed for medium or big scale enterprises. It covers establishment infrastructure, work applications and e-business application requirements.

  • A complete operating system with supporting at most eight processors.
  • It can be usable in Intel Itanium base computers.
Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition

Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition is designed to find critical solutions for enterprises that involve measurable databases and high processing units. Additionally, it is an ideal platform for server strengthening.


Office XP is the most important product in Office products. It provides more intelligent tools and defines new interrelationship between software and users. Office XP provides better cooperation on files and more interactive collaboration with other users. Additionally, office provides to integrate modules to users and reaching information in easy ways.


What is .NET?

.NET has more meaning then Microsoft's next generation application developing tools. .NET changes Internet to an operating system and involves both operating system and Internet. By updating you applications and using .NET, you may use the newest performance possibilities and developed features. By this way you may make savings from application developing periods. Additionally, you can create XML web server application classes and use file preserving on web and also you can handle user preference management services.

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