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Software Solutions
EreNet added a new department, Software Technologies department, in its wide range service area in 2001. This department is aiming to develop high technology products. With respect to new business opportunities that are originated from new technological developments, EreNet tries to solve its customers' software problems and lead them into new opportunities with software technologies department. Department services customers with its ready to use project solutions.

Department accelerates its R&D researches with new projects that undertaken in year 2002. European Mobile Platform project is the one of the most important project for the department, which is a Europe wide project. This project is supported by EUREKA (www.eureka.be) and it will be completed in 2 years.

Vehicle Tracking System is again a vehicle tracking system and supported by TTGV.

Software department is servicing in digital work systems area. Especially, department develos B2B (business to business) Internet system solutions. Department is aiming to develop ready to use projects for B2C (business to customer) area and providing B2C support.

Software technologies department is developing desktop applications with respect to customer requirements and suggestions.

Web site design, preparation and maintenance are very important applications in software technologies department.

Microsoft tools have chosen for software application platform. Projects are developing with Microsoft's latest technology .Net. An integrated database will be developed, which is going to support all-powerful databases and platforms at the current market. Developed products can both sell as product and rent out as an application hosting.



European Mobile Platform is an international project and formed by two Turkish firms (EreNet is leading the project) and a Czech Republic firm »»»»».


Mobile tracking devices in the vehicles transmit data to GPS satellites. Received data involves location information and it will be represented to vehicle owners. »»»»»


Touch project is constituted by three universities from Turkey and one university from England and Poland, two firms from Greece and EreNet from Turkey. Project is formed under TechnoTower consortium, coordinated by Dr. Bahadır Bahadıroğlu, and presented to EU FP6 program. »»»»»


Organizer is a work and source management program developed by EreNet. Program improves work persecution processes in firms. Shared resources in a firm can manage by organizer. Reaching in firm resources follows hierarchical structure. Program involves in firm messaging and reminding modules, which helps meeting reservations and meeting report arrangements. Personnel information and studies without depending time and staff restrictions can persuade with this program. Additionally, it provides security that allows only authorized personnel to reach company records.

Easy English

Easy English is an English dictionary program. This program helps daily translate requirements in both English - Turkish and Turkish - English options. By this program, user may find any of the word that is required in both English and Turkish. Besides, program is not an only translator program; it also helps users for their English knowledge and spelling. Users will be able to learn how to spell English words by listening them. Users improve their knowledge speed by program's recognizing module.


Web sites that are constructed by Software Department;




Documentation is vital while developing software applications with respect to CMM Level 2 and IEEE standards. Controlling projects should be done by regularly updated and developed documents. Documentation studies provide; better implementations on projects, determining missing parts at project stages and analyzing latest situation of the project.

Documents that are prepared during the project,

Project Management Plan

  • Software requirements document
  • Software design document
  • Software configuration management plan
  • Software quality warranty
  • Software test plan
Project Management Plan

  • It explains project organization structure and project's managerial structure
  • It provides information about tools, methodologies, techniques and documents that are used in the project
  • It represents project's work packages and timelines
  • It indicates project members' tasks and authorizations
Software Requirements Document

  • This document's purpose is generally identifying and introducing the processes of the project
  • Document covers; project's general identifications, goals and requirements of forthcoming software
Software Design Document

  • This documents covers; project's design and standards that are going to use in the project and also project tools
  • By these standards and specifications, project members will be more efficient and successful
Software Configuration Management Plan

  • This document is prepared for controlling the sequence of the project in development and implementation phases
  • Following tasks are done in a sequence, determining the replacement parts, making these replacements and preparing reports
Software Quality Warranty Plan

  • This document involves control identifications for technical requirements of the project and degree of satisfaction for these requirements
  • It provides control for the standards, methodologies and documents with respect to pre-determined structures
  • It provides better implementation and progress for the project
Software Test Plan

  • It identifies necessary functional stages for testing of the project
  • It indicates testing issues which are mentioned at software design document
  • Testing approaches, personnel responsibilities, test system, test techniques and tools are identified in this plan
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